Improving standups by less admin and more fun.Driven by AI.

StandupPlus creates a meeting atmosphere that everyone enjoys, keeps attendees focused, and makes meeting outcomes visible and transparent. All taken care of by an AI facilitator.

Facilitated remote standups supported by AI Scrum Master

Ensure that remote standups are ENERGIZED

Let your AI facilitator create the engagement

Preparing with something interesting every time that grabs everyone’s attention in the first minute is time-consuming. Therefore, it usually fades away with time resulting in boring meetings that hardly anyone enjoys.

This is where your AI facilitator will help you out:

  • Greets and welcome participants
  • Starts the meeting with a fun fact to grab attendees attention
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Keep all attendees FOCUSED

Let your AI facilitator be the bad cop.

Keeping everyone focused on remote standups is a tough task. People tend to multitask and forget about the meeting’s goal. To overcome these, there should always be a bad guy who keeps the meeting in order.

This is where your AI facilitator will help you out:

  • Shares the meeting’s goal with the attendees
  • Shares customizable updates (e.g., number of open pull request, remaining storypoints left in the sprint)
  • Appoints someone to start the info-sharing
  • Asks hiding participants to switch on their cameras (coming soon)
  • Alerts participants 5 mins before the meeting ends and asks them to wrap things up
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Make meeting outcomes TRANSPARENT

Let your AI facilitator take over all the administrative tasks

“What is spoken flies what is written never dies.” In a remote setup, transparency always comes first. However, it requires great administrative effort to summarize and share meeting outcomes.

This is where your AI facilitator will help you out:

  • Takes notes
  • Asks attendees to rate the meeting’s efficiency anonymously
  • Sends out the meeting memo with a list of attendees participated
  • Creates report about efficiency
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Customizable energy boost

AI-driven facilitation

  • Voice reminder of the standup’s goal
  • Random participant selection to start the meeting
  • Written reminder to finish the call on time

Data capture

  • Voice commands for taking notes
  • Saved Google chat history
  • Create editable and shareable meeting notes

Call summary

  • Call duration
  • List of participants
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of the standup

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